Vu du ciel - détouré

Jewels to say the passing beauty.


Our collections

  • What binds us

    What binds us

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  • Alteration


    Wrinkled butterflies wings, wood crackled by the fire, paths appearing in the trodden grass... ephemeral traces of our passage, of what was and soon will be no more. Alteration tries to freeze the work of time and to capture matter transformations.

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  • Creatures


    A corolla unfolding like a spiral which would hide a secret in its heart, a shell perhaps... or then aquatic grasses agitated by the currents... Neither completely vegetal nor really animal, my Creatures talk about the living.

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  • Eternity


    It is the moment when the sun and the sea unite. A brief feeling of plenitude. A moment of Eternity just before nightfall.

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  • Pearls and seeds

    Pearls and seeds

    From these stones found on the way and that we keep like treasures... a little bit of childhood.

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  • Water reflections

    Water reflections

    Looking for a long time at the sea, the ripples on its surface, the path of the waves propagated then dispersed and the light returned, sometimes cascading, sometimes scattered, intense and furtive. Reflections on the water attempts to reproduce these subtle landscapes in perpetual motion.

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  • Reliefs


    Reefs on the surface of the water, columnar basalt, carved like a cathedral, fan-shaped stone, veined and scarified granite. Reliefs is inspired by the mineral world and its slowly and perpetually changing topography.

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