Nothing is set in stone. Everything ebbs, and everything flows in response.

The wind ripples the surface of the water, scattering the sunlight. The sea leaves its imprint on the sand, gradually eroding the land.

Rippling strives to embody this transience, the natural forces of evolution from which a vivid beauty sometimes escapes.

Rippling offers a collection of textured and multi-faceted gold jewellery.

Rippling  is inspired by space, material and light. Crafted by hand, these pieces depict abstract and changing landscapes.

Working as an architect for 20 years I developed a passion for different forms of artistic production which has found a new form of expression. I like the refined, the precious, the subtle. Now as a goldsmith I have found my place in the calm and solitude of the jewellery-making process.

So this is what I offer: jewellery that tries to cast permanence from the ephemeral, that aims to capture the beauty of a world in motion.

Juliette Barillon, founder of Rippling.